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Finis Freestyle Snorkel

Our recommended fin for providing propulsion during drill work

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The Finis Freestyle Snorkel allows swimmers to perform freestyle without having to turn their head to breathe. For many novice swimmers this allows them to have much greater stability and relaxation whilst they are working on their stroke technique.

The bent tube of the Freestyle Snorkel is specifically designed for the low head position of the freestyle stroke.

Swim Smooth Freestyle Snorkel Introduction:

Traditionally snorkels have been used by swimming coaches for specific breathing technique work. Finis even sell a small cap that fits over the top of the Freestyle Snorkel to restrict air flow for elite swimmers practising hypoxic breathing techniques. Since Swim Smooth don't believe in Hypoxic training, we don't supply the cap.

We recommend this snorkel for slightly different reasons, to work on two aspects of your stroke technique - head position and body roll:

1. Head Position: The Finis Freestyle Snorkel has a tight angle in the breathing tube to encourage a classical head position for freestyle swimming. We believe that head position is a very unique thing for each swimmer and that no one position fits every stroke. However, the head position this snorkel encourages is a very good starting point from which the swimmer can adjust their head position as they develop their stroke for their individual technique needs.

The snorkel helps you find that sweet spot between looking too far forward (with legs potentially dropping) and too far down (with head being too deeply submerged). At either of these extremes you will suck up water through the snorkel - immediately prompting you to correct your head position!

2. Body Roll: We love the Freestyle Snorkel for teaching correct body rotation and often use it together with the Finis Tech Toc #add link# to give more "live" feedback on that aspect. The snorkel is used to help control the head itself and focus on keeping the eyes in one spot whilst the whole body rolls independently - great swimming technique. Many people developing body roll tend to flick their head around with their body rotation which causes additional drag and dizzyness! You don't want to do this, your head should be perfectly still unless you are rotating with the whole body to breathe. If your head does wiggle around you'll immediately get feedback from the snorkel - feeling the additional drag as it moves in the water flow.

A final tip: If you have been working on keeping your head still, once you remove the snorkel try the 'champagne glass' visualisation. Imagine you have a nice full glass of fine champagne balanced on your head and you need to keep your head very still or you'll spill it. This simple visualisation technique will encourage you to keep your head in one position as you swim.