Marlin-P Swim Meter (Pool Only)

Measure, Analyse & Improve Your Swimming!

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Also see: Platysens Marlin (pool only version)

The Platysens Marlin is a next generation swimming tool, not only recording your session like a swimming watch but speaking to you whilst you swim, giving you feedback on your stroke, talking you through training plans and guiding you to swim straight in open water!

Swim Smooth have been an integral part of the development team at Platysens, making sure this exciting new technology gives you the right feedback and prompts you in the right way to maximise your development as a swimmer.

Marlin Introduction Video

Here's a quick overview of what it can do:

  • As you swim, provide you with spoken feedback on your speed, distance swum, stroke rate and strokes per length without you having to stop and look at a watch.
  • Beep functions to control your stroke rate and set pace in a similar way to a Finis Tempo Trainer Pro. Perfect for tuning up your stroke technique and getting the biggest gains from your fitness work.
  • Download training sessions to the Marlin and be led through them step by step as you swim - removing the need for a written plan.
  • Analyse your swim pace and performance after your swim to optimise your speed and efficiency in the water.
  • Record, map and analyse your open water training. As the Marlin has a clear GPS signal on the back of your head it can do this with far greater accuracy than a GPS watch which spends much of the time underwater during the freestyle stroke. (Not available in Marlin-P model)
  • You can also program an open water swim course at your local venue on your smart phone and have the Marlin guide you round, speaking to you whenever you go off course with corrective instructions to bring you straight again. Amazing technology! (Not available in Marlin-P model)
  • At no additional charge, Swim Smooth Guru PRO subscribers can connect their Guru account to their Marlin, sending Guru training sessions to the Marlin to follow at the pool. Sessions swum using the Marlin can also be automatically imported into the Guru for detailed Swim Smooth analysis.

The Marlin is configured via bluetooth link with your iPhone or Android smart phone.

Platysens Development Video

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