Finis Floating Fins

Our recommended fin for providing propulsion during drill work

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The Finis Floating Fin is Swim Smooth's preferred fin to help any swimmer develop their stroke technique using the Swim Smooth Coaching System.

Whether you are a beginner learning to swim freestyle, an intermediate triathlete improving your performances in the open water, or an advanced swimmer looking to gap the field, these fins are perfect for performing our drills to improve and refine your stroke technique.

Fins Aren't Cheating

Fins (also known as flippers) are an essential tool to help develop your stroke technique. A mid-length rubber fin such as this gives you good support so that you can focus on performing the drill well without worrying about staying afloat or kicking very hard to move forwards! When used for a specific and focused purpose, fins really aren't cheating!

For that reason we prefer a mid-length rubber fin such as this over shorter 'zoomer' style fins. Yes they are a bit bigger in your kit bag but the propulsion and support is far superior.

Swim Smooth's Guide To Choosing Fins:

What size do I need?

Please use the sizing table below to select your fin. These figures are different from printed on the fins themselves but are Swim Smooth's recommendations for a good fit:

Colour Fin Size US Womens US Mens EUR UK Size
Blue/LimeGreen XXXS Jr 7.5-10 Jr 7.5-10 25-27 Y8-10
Blue/Orange XXS Jr 10-12 Jr 10-12 28-30 Y10-12
Blue/Yellow XS Jr 12-2.5 Jr 12-1.5 31-33 Y12-1.5
Red/Black S 3-5.5 2-4.5 34-36 2-3.5
Red/Blue M 6-7 5-6 37-38 4-5
Red/Grey L 7.5-9 6.5-8 39-40 5.5-7
Black/Red XL 9.5-11 8.5-10 41-43 7.5-9
Black/Navy XXL 11.5-13 10.5-12 44-45 9.5-11
Black/DarkGreen XXXL 13.5-15 12.5-14 46-48 11.5-13

Can't use fins at your local pool?

This is quite a common problem particularly in the UK. Fortunately the situation seems to be improving after the London 2012 Olympics but here at Swim Smooth we consider fins to be so essential for your development as a swimmer that we suggest you speak to the pool manager to request a special session or lane where they are allowed. Or consider moving your membership to a more forward thinking pool all together.