HUUB Atana Wetsuit

The perfect women's wetsuit all rounder

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The Atana is the all new replacement for the highly successful HUUB Aura. Featuring a unique low buoyancy design matching the buoyancy profile of the female form, the Atana re-addresses your balance in the water. If you feel unbalanced, uncomfortable or restricted in your current wetsuit (and would secretly prefer to swim without it) then you will absolutely love the Atana.

Unlike many other women's suits, the Atana isn't simply a man's suit tailored to a woman's shape. Since women are naturally more buoyant that men, and their buoyancy is distributed in different places along the body, a men's design will leave you too high at the rear and struggling for stability as a result. The extra wetsuit thickness in the chest will restrict your shoulders and leave you feeling constrained and fatigued.

The Atana has a special low buoyancy profile sitting you in the correct neutral position in the water, readdressing your balance. The thinner ultra-flexible materials leave you loose and relaxed in the shoulders setting you up for the perfect swim.

Key features:

  • Unrivalled 3mm neoprene for correct buoyancy profile and all over body flexibility never before offered in a female suit.
  • X-O Skeleton for body alignment and Buoyancy Arm
  • Arm Crossover Alignment for correct positioning and reduced snaking / fish-tailing in the water
  • Calf Release for improve kick, propulsion and circulation
  • Break-away zipper for faster transitions
  • Special ultra-flexible lining material
  • Neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch combination unmatched in the industry

Why has nobody taken this approach to women's wetsuits before? Because only Swim Smooth truly understand the individual needs of swimmers, it's the bedrock of our whole coaching philosophy.

The HUUB Aura is designed for the vast majority of women with good natural buoyancy. If you have sinky legs when you swim, check out the 3:5 Axena suit.

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