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As an athlete, you’re always looking for marginal gains, ways to boost your power and improve your speed. It’s this same drive that inspires HUUB’s Albacore project.

Our project takes its name from the ground-breaking work of US researchers in the 1950s, who aimed to create the most hydrodynamic and agile submarine in the world – The Albacore. Their work was the ultimate fusion of science, research and reality. Inspired by their journey of continual improvement, our mission is to develop the fastest products in and out of the water.

Led by Professor Huub Toussaint, our research and design team work relentlessly to fulfil this mission. We’ve invested heavily in the MAD System, our state-of-the-art, proprietary technology that enables us to obsess over the minutiae of performance and refine the Albacore range, millisecond by millisecond.

Today, Albacore products are perfection personified. But for us, there is no end; there will always be new materials, new technologies and new ways to pursue our quest to make the optimum equipment for athletes serious about speed.

The HUUB Albacore Triathlon wetsuit features:

  • Kinetic Release™ (patent pending) for arm stroke efficiency
  • Bicep Release™
  • DLP exclusive high buoyancy panels around the hips and core
  • Constrictor System™
  • HUUB exclusive Calf Release™
  • Breakaway Zipper
  • 40% increased buoyancy over standard and aero-dome neoprene’s
  • Improved flexible low neckline
  • Super flexible underarm panel for ‘no-suit' feel


Bicep Release™

Is there any way to cut the biceps out of a wetsuit, so that you have no restriction on that area of the body whatsoever? That was the challenge presented to HUUB in a coffee shop, by an athlete about to swim across the channel. That led to some serious head scratching and the eventual development of the Bicep Release™ in the Albacore wetsuit.

Kinetic Release™

The swim stroke is rotational in nature, especially in the shoulder. There is kinetic action and no single rest point. The shoulder joint is the origin of recovery, catch and pull and then elbow bending is added to it to foster the efficient propulsive action due to rotation. These rotations induce stretch and release in the joints. By utilising researched neoprene modulus of differing numbers, we were able to store kinetic energy in the material and release it when needed in the arm action. The patent-pending Kinetic Release™ is another researched technology exclusive to HUUB design.


A unique and exclusive process of laminating linings to a highly buoyant and rested composite panel. Developed for HUUB to maximise buoyancy while maintaining wetsuit thickness legalities. We redefined the traditional construction methods to deliver even more tested and proven performance.

Constrictor System

A key element of fast swimming is to control the drag of your body. We designed the constrictor to help you further limit unnecessary movements that increase drag. The constrictor braces the trunk and especially the hip joint. The effect is to enhance a more streamlined and controlled body position. Less snaking, less drag, less wasted energy and thus more speed. Tested and proven. Another feature exclusive to HUUB.


The fine lines of design

Here at HUUB, we merely make you faster through traditional and some very untraditional designs. Our product innovations and design features are rigorously tested using our Measuring Active Drag (M.A.D) technology. It's this ability to test products far beyond the competition which makes our Albacore range stand out.

What does Robocop, an iron and the interior of a Mercedes Benz have in common? They’ve all inspired developments in the Albacore product range. HUUB Founder Dean Jackson said, “For any research and development team, inspiration often lies in unexpected places. This is true for the Albacore project.

“Take, for example, the Constrictor System in the Albacore wetsuits and swimskin’s. Our quest was to isolate the movement of the hips and pelvis, to reduce drag and concentrate the swimmer’s effort and power into forward propulsion. I remember watching computer games like Robocop and Warfare, where the police have exoskeleton suits that give them super-powerful robot legs. It got me thinking. But how do you take the concept of an exoskeleton to the next level?

"I approached paramedics and physiotherapists and asked how they lockout this area of the body in instances where they need to prevent further injury or improve strength and mobility. This led to Professor Huub making a very crude nylon webbing, almost like a chastity belt, which was tested by his daughter while on holiday. By reducing the body's snaking movement, there were clear and immediate benefits to swim speed leading to the development of our patent-pending Constrictor System™ which we've proved can reduce wasted energy and improve stroke efficiency by up to 4.5 seconds per 100m."


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