HUUB Axena Wetsuit

Top end buoyancy correcting women's suit

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A 3:5 buoyancy profile to correct women with sinky legs and all the performance features of the men's Archimedes - a dynamite suit for all lean-athletic girls!

Most women have high natural body position in the water, however for those whose legs lie a little on the low side, we have a real treat for you - the brand new HUUB Axena.

The Axena features a very similar 3:5 buoyancy profile to the men's Archimedes, increasing your buoyancy in your legs and reducing it in the chest - to bring your front end down and your legs up. HUUB selected the very highest quality Yamamoto rubber available and these ultra-flexible materials will leave you loose and relaxed in the shoulders setting you up for the perfect swim.

Key features:

  • X-O Skeleton for improved body alignment in the water.
  • NBR X-O Skeleton for added buoyancy
  • Bicep release specially developed by Swim Smooth to enable a high elbow catch under the water, even as you fatigue when swimming hard.
  • Arm Crossover Alignment for correct positioning and reduced snaking / fish tailing in the water
  • Calf Release for improved kick, propulsion and blood circulation through the lower leg (if you suffer from calf or foot cramp in your wetsuit this is a must-have feature)
  • Break-away zipper for faster transitions
  • Special ultra-flexible lining material
  • Neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch combination unmatched in the wetsuit market.

The HUUB Axena is designed for women with low lying legs in the water. If you have a good natural body position already, select the Atana instead - it's custom designed for your needs.

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