Anemoi 2 | SUB22 Aero Tri Suit White/Aqua - Women's

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SUB22 - Optimal aerodynamics at speeds under 22mph.

The new ANEMOI 2 represents a paradigm shift in how you choose your race day clothing. We have researched, more than any other triathlon clothing company, the comfort and aero gains to be had by choosing the correct fabrics.

Every fabric we have tested has an optimal performance, when its role is to make you faster. We extensively researched each fabrics “Drag Crisis” (Drag Crisis - also known as the Eiffel paradox, is a phenomenon in which drag coefficient drops off suddenly as Reynolds number increases).

Each fabric performs differently and has speed gains at its own unique velocity. It is this knowledge, gathered from our three year fabric research and matrix building, that gave us the two optimal fabrics for the speeds typically seen in triathlon. All of our suits deliver an aerodynamic gain, but for the first time the Anemoi 2 allows you to choose which suit for which event, your pace and also event distance. It’s our extensive aerodynamic partnerships that allow us to bring you the finest off-the-shelf triathlon wear on the market today.


So for the latest Anemoi 2 we are now able to offer two variations:

SUB22 and 22PLUS
For each suit we have selected the optimal fabric for the differing speed ranges, meaning you have the quickest suit for your race speed, not somebody else’s.

SUB22 - Optimal aerodynamics at speeds under 22mph
22PLUS - Optimal aerodynamics at speeds over 22mph

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