Ex-Demo HUUB Archimedes II 3.5

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We have just released this set of 2019 ex-demo HUUB wetsuits for sale. Each suit is in A1 condition and is priced to sell - make sure you get yours quickly before they go!

Ex-Demo products have a 30 day warranty. Grade A1 condition is equivalent to a new suit.

With everything we have done since we first introduced the Archimedes we have had one key goal in mind...

“To deliver the fastest wetsuit, with the feeling of not wearing a wetsuit"

The Archimedes, for us, was the best suit we could of designed at the time. Materials, production methods and research saw us create the best of the moment... So what has brought about the change to the Archimedes 2? Research, challenging production and learning, from pushing the bar of expectation beyond anything the wetsuit market has ever seen.