Finis 3X-100M Stopwatch

The ultimate stroke rate stop-watch for coaches

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The Finis 3X-100M Stopwatch is a fully functional multi-lap stopwatch, with the added bonus of Stroke Rate measurement.

As a swimming coach or technical swimmer, it's extremely useful to be able to determine a swimmer's stroke rate quickly and accurately. Using the Stroke Rate mode on the 3X-100M, this is now achievable at a reasonable cost.

With the introduction of the 3X-100M and 3X-300M, Finis have dramatically reduced the cost stroke rate stopwatches - without any reduction in quality.

3X-100M feature list:

  • Large triple display: Running Time, Split Time, and Lap Time
  • 100 Memory with recall available during operation
  • Stroke Rate
  • Date/Time
  • Water and Shock Resistant
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Stroke Rate Measurement

To measure a swimmer's stroke rate, simply press the Mode button until Stroke Rate mode is selected. Then, press the start/stop button on your swimmer's hand entry. Count three strokes and on the third hand entry, press the start/stop button again. The watch instantly calculates stroke rate for you.

At Swim Smooth we use this stop watch on the pool deck during our training squad sessions and during our individual consultations with swimmers. Since you only need to be able to see a swimmer to measure their stroke rate, you can do so from a distance - for this reason we use the 3X-100M on the beach during triathlons and open water races.

Finding the optimum stroke rate for a swimmer is key to developing their stroke technique and allowing them to reach their potential in the water. The 3X-100M is an essential tool to this end.