HUUB Acute Goggles

Comfort and vision with soft lenses keeping the face safe from those "in water tussles".

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Finding great goggles isn't easy so HUUB tested endless moulds and options to find a goggle that delivered comfort and vision with soft lenses keeping the face safe from those "in the water tussles".

We approached one of the worlds leading soft lens goggle manufacturers and researched endless frames to end up with the multi sized "Acute" goggle:

  • Easy fully adjust straps
  • Excellent visibility for sighting in open water
  • All colours come in 2 sizes
  • 180-degree, panoramic vision
  • Flexible lenses for optimum fit
  • Soft frame and gasket for a more comfortable fit than existing goggles
  • Comfortable, leak resistant seal
  • 100% UVA / UVB protection
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lens
  • Suitable for both open water and pool swimming
  • The HUUB Acute goggle is the number one choice for the professional athletes and age group competitors.

Agility Paddles have been scaled proportionately, so although most swimmers should fit in size “medium”, wearing a paddle that is too large could result in shoulder strain with too much increased resistance. The sizing options provided by FINIS ensure every swimmer can find the right Agility Paddle for them. To find the correct size, swimmers should measure their hand circumference and consider the vertical length of the paddle when referring to FINIS’ sizing chart.

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