Huub Aegis 1 (Mens / New / Boxed / Small)

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Only 1 available, size Small. This is the mens version and is the original specification with no fall away zipper.

The Aegis sits at the bottom of Huub’s wetsuit range but features plenty of trickle-down technology from their vaunted Archimedes and Aerious suits, including the groundbreaking 3:5mm thickness ratios.

Tested in the 12°C waters of the Slateman, the Aegis provided plenty of warmth and was ideal for a swimmer of our dubious abilities, with impressive buoyancy to keep the legs and bottom afloat.

With many cheaper suits you have to trade in both an aesthetic appeal and some shoulder flexibility but the minimalist yet striking Aegis succeeds in retaining both, with the multi-panel design of the suit providing suppleness in the shoulders to promote an unhindered arm rotation.