Huub Aerious 3:5 (Mens / New / Boxed / XS)

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Only 1 available, size XS

Bridging the gap between the Aegis and Archimedes in terms of both price and features, the Aerious offers serious performance and value. Like the top-end Archimedes, it’s available in 3:5 and 4:4 versions, for sinkier-legged and neutral swimmers respectively. It also shares that suit’s more rigid X-O Skeleton panel to help maintain a buoyant and supported hip as well as inserts behind the shoulder blades designed to negate arm crossover. A reverse zip completes the package of what would be a range-topping suit for most manufacturers. Fractionally slower than the Archimedes, the suit was also astoundingly comfortable with a snug but not tight fit, unrestrictive neck and flexible shoulders. The Aerious offers those with a good stroke scope to transfer it flawlessly to the open water.