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The all new Archimedes giving you that 'Non-Wetsuit' feel

HUUB Design: The Archimedes 1 was the very best wetsuit we could design at the time. Materials, production methods and research saw us create the best of the moment... so what has brought about the change to the Archimedes 2? Research, challenging production and learning, pushing the bar of expectation beyond anything the wetsuit market has ever seen.

By studying how Chloroprene foam moves, stretches and behaves with differing lining materials (especially when we marry it with construction and stitch patterns), we have been able to further enhance the flexibility and reach of the Archimedes.

The Archimedes 2 has a 25% reduction in the neoprene thickness of the panels around the side, the back and shoulders - utilising 1mm Cholorprene foam, and the most flexible lining materials available. The under arm gusset has been remodelled with improved ‘mechanical reach’ with detailed analysis of the stitch location.

The super flexible material in the lateral panels with thickness reduction gives an amazing ‘Non-Wetsuit’ feel and reach. The improved design and application of new materials delivers an arm-reach modulus reduction of 18%, in other words, less effort for more stretch.

Each Archimedes is available in two buoyancy profiles, the 3:5 for those with sinky legs and the 4:4 for more experienced swimmers with good body position.

I knew I was wearing the most flexible wetsuit, but now I am wearing the most flexible swimskin, it just doesn’t feel like I am wearing a wetsuit, my speed tells me I am, but the feel tells me I am wearing something like I have never before experienced.

Richard Varga, Fastest Triathlon Swimmer In The World

Key Features

The Archimedes 2 has all the amazing features of the original Archimedes plus:

• The X-O Skeleton has been increased by 80% to deliver structure and control to reduce snaking, power loss and directional waste by gripping and holding the pelvis and hips: "The more control, the more efficiency."

• The Calf-Release has been increased in volume by 25%, giving the calf more coverage of the lower modulus and non-restrictive super thin nylon. We have reduced the thickness to below 1mm to ensure natural calf movement; this reduces restriction of the kick and reduces the risk of cramp when swimming and during transition.

• The Bicep-Release has an improved modulus to further enhance the panel's ability to create a natural arm recovery and good elbow bend for the catch. The Bicep release was the brain-child of Swim Smooth's Paul Newsome and has proved to be a unique feature that only a swim stroke analyst with his obsessive nature could create.

• Low Neck Line. We know we have the most comfortable neck in the wetsuit industry. We don’t fold and stitch, we refuse to create a tourniquet of rubber to restrict breathing and flexibility.

The HUUB Archimedes 2 is available in two buoyancy profiles because whatever your swim style, you still want the very best.

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