HUUB Big Buoy

A larger pull buoy for leg sinkers everywhere.

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The Huub "Big Buoy" ticks all the right boxes for sinky legged swimmers (mainly Arnies and Overgliders) who until now haven't been offered any alternative to the standard pull buoy size, which can be very frustrating.

The Huub Big Buoy offers a massive 34 Newtons of lift, compared to standard pull buoys that are around 17 newtons on average. This is particularly useful if you are performing Swim Smooth drills such as Scull #1 and Doggy Paddle, where the head is held high putting further downward pressure on the legs.

For athletes training for wetsuit swims the Big Buoy is the perfect training partner and allows swimmers to simulates the leg lift offered by HUUB wetsuits.

Without A Big Buoy

With A Big Buoy

How And Why To Use A Pull Buoy

Required for many Swim Smooth drills such as sculling and doggy paddle, a pull buoy gives your legs additional lift so you don't have to kick and can simply focus on your catch and pull: