HUUB Kickpant

The ultimate training tool for sinky legged swimmers

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An all new buoyancy short design, designed by Swim Smooth in conjunction with HUUB

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The HUUB Kickpant is a three-quarter length neoprene pant. Featuring high density neoprene and modulus insertion over the knee to actively control knee bend during kicking to actively promoting a straighter leg kick action by reducing excessive bend at the knee.

The Kickpant simulates training in a wetsuit (without the overheating issues in a pool) whilst also improving your leg kick technique - a sure fire way to improve your swimming speed and efficiency.

Jointly designed by Swim Smooth and HUUB Design, the Kickpant allows you to train at full wetsuit speed (so becoming accustomed to the stroke rate) whilst developing a natural leg kick to balance your stroke. - A true win-win for any athletic but sinky-legged swimmer!

None Of The Disadvantages Of A Pull-Buoy

Many swimmers with sinky legs use a pull-buoy to bring their legs higher in the water to simulate swimming in a wetsuit but this has two major drawbacks:

1) With a pull buoy you simply hold your legs straight behind you without kicking at all such that over time the muscle groups used to kick become de-conditioned and lose fitness. Don your wetsuit on race day, suddenly engage your kick again and you will struggle from a lack of "kick fitness" - both in the swim but also from heavy legs when you get on the bike.

2) Holding your legs together with a pull buoy also masks any scissor kicking in your stroke which will come back straight away when swimming in your wetsuit. Use the Kickpant to develop a natural efficient flutter kick without any scissoring and you'll be a much faster and efficient swimmer in the long term.

In this way the Kickpant is a far superior tool to a pull-buoy for wetsuit swimmers and can be used for drill and training sets whenever a pull-buoy would normally be used.

Kickpant Demonstration With Elite Timetriallist Kevin Dawson

Complimentary Swim Smooth Training Sessions

Every Kickpant purchaser receives a free month's subscription to the Swim Smooth Guru virtual coach - featuring specific training sessions written by Swim Smooth to get the very most from your new Kickpant. Simply use the promo-code you receive with your Kickpants and sign-up at Already a subscriber? You can jump straight to the training sessions at:

HUUB Kickpant Sizing Chart

Size Height (ft/in) (Inches) Weight (lbs) Height (cm) Weight (kg)
X-Small: 4'9"-5'7" 122-143 148-170 55-65
Small: 5'3"-5'9" 142-165 161-175 64-75
Medium: 5'7"-6'1" 159-187 171-184 72-85
Large: 5'11"-6'4" 193-220 185-194 87-100
X-Large: 6'0"-6'8" 210+ 186-200 95+