HUUB SKN-1 Welded Swim Skin

The Fastest Swimskin On The Planet!

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Racing non-wetsuit open water races or triathlon (including Kona)? Make sure you equip yourself with the very fastest Swim Skin on the planet which can take minutes off your race times.

The SKN-1 suit was designed and developed by world expert on speedsuit design Professor Huub Toussaint to provide:

  • Unique compression shaping of the body to reduce frontal drag.
  • Re-distribution of body mass to change the bodies centre of buoyancy and improve body position.
  • Fabric to body streamlining.
  • Choice of welded or stitched seams.
  • Incredible hydrophobic properties to reduce water to suit friction.
  • Many other of Professor Huub's secrets we can't tell you about or our competitors will copy them!

This all adds up to the very fastest swim skin on the planet. In fact in testing, SS Head Coach and Manhattan Island Marathon Swim winner Paul Newsome found he was 4 seconds per 100m quicker in the SKN-1 than without. An incredible time saving which you would normally need a full wetsuit to achieve:

Paul Newsome SKN-1 Testing
Paul Newsome SKN-1 Testing

Size Selection

Use the chart below to find your size:

If racing in triathlon with your tri-suit under your swim skin and you are overlapping between two sizes then choose the slightly larger suit.

All Swim Skins are designed to fit very tightly on the body. The compression effect is one of the secrets of their speed - don't worry you will still be able to breathe. ;)

Men's SKN-1
Women's SKN-1