HUUB Sphere Neoprene Short

Replicate wetsuit levels of buoyancy while training with the HUUB Sphere Neoprene Buoyancy Shorts

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Replicate wetsuit levels of buoyancy while training with the HUUB Sphere Neoprene Buoyancy Shorts

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Do you like the idea of the HUUB Kickpant to simulate wetsuit training but prefer a more conventional design? You need the HUUB Sphere buoyancy short! Get most of the benefits of the full Kickpant but with a little less buoyancy and without the active knee control.

Key features:

  • NBR X-O Skeleton for extra buoyancy and stability
  • Wetsuit-level buoyancy to simulate wetsuit swimming in the pool
  • High grade Neoprene buoyancy short
  • Assembled using the same process as HUUB’s award-winning wetsuits
  • Front & Rear: 3mm Neoprene
  • Legs & Sides: 5mm Neoprene

None Of The Disadvantages Of A Pull-Buoy

Many swimmers with sinky legs use a pull-buoy to bring their legs higher in the water to simulate swimming in a wetsuit but this has two major drawbacks:

1) With a pull buoy you simply hold your legs straight behind you without kicking at all such that over time the muscle groups used to kick become de-conditioned and lose fitness. Don your wetsuit on race day, suddenly engage your kick again and you will struggle from a lack of "kick fitness" - both in the swim but also from heavy legs when you get on the bike.

2) Holding your legs together with a pull buoy also masks any scissor kicking in your stroke which will come back straight away when swimming in your wetsuit. Use these cleverly designed buoyancy shorts to develop a natural efficient flutter kick without any scissoring and you'll be a much faster and efficient swimmer in the long term.

In this way the Sphere Neoprene Short is a far superior tool to a pull-buoy for wetsuit swimmers and can be used for drill and training sets whenever a pull-buoy would normally be used.

Sizing table:

Size Waist (Inches) Waist (cm)
X-Small: 26-28 66-71
Small: 28-30 71-76
Medium: 30-34 76-86
Large: 34-38 86-96
X-Large: 38-42 96-107