HUUB Varga Goggles

Gets darker or lighter through Photochromatic technology during the race.

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Richard Varga - First out of the swim more than any other ITU triathlete, asked HUUB to produce a race goggle with his very specific demands and performance requests:

  • Precision Fit
  • Optimum Clarity
  • All round Visability
  • Minimal Drag

HUUB took Richards wishes to deliver a race goggle that would be suitable for an athlete in race conditions.

It's taken HUUB 2 years to develop the best race goggle that Richard was happy to have his name on.

  • Easy fully adjust straps
  • Excellent visibility
  • Adjustable customer nose bridge - 3 widths
  • Ultra Low Profile
  • Soft frame and gasket for a more comfortable fit than existing goggles
  • Comfortable, leak resistant seal
  • 100% UVA / UVB protection
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lens
  • Silicone Seal and head strap

Available in Mirrored, Smoke and Clear lens options, the HUUB Varga Race Goggle is the number one choice for the professional athlete as well as the age group competitor.

Agility Paddles have been scaled proportionately, so although most swimmers should fit in size “medium”, wearing a paddle that is too large could result in shoulder strain with too much increased resistance. The sizing options provided by FINIS ensure every swimmer can find the right Agility Paddle for them. To find the correct size, swimmers should measure their hand circumference and consider the vertical length of the paddle when referring to FINIS’ sizing chart.

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