Lurz Open Water Wetsuit - Men's

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Created in partnership with the greatest open water male swimmer ever, Thomas Lurz the racing machine that truly defines a great swimmer.

A suit designed purely for open water swimming has subtle differences to a triathlon suit; a triathlon wetsuit is designed for speed and easy removal whereas a pure open water suit is designed to maximise every stroke and deliver the quickest time through the water, but it also features design elements, that can be built in because suit removal is not essential when the clock is ticking.

Our new Lurz race suit has been designed in collaboration with neoprene and wetsuit experts, alongside open water swimmers seeking that perfect FINA-approved suit.

Yes, this suit is fully FINA-approved, designed for racing and daily use where comfort and performance go hand in hand ... so let's not be shy here this is the ultimate open water suit … period.

  • FINA approved
  • Shorter zip for comfort and improved reach.
  • Long course swimming focussed.
  • No-suit feel.
  • Super thin Japanese materials in unique open water combinations.
  • Exclusive research-proven 3:5 buoyancy.
  • Arms Neutral technology and arm shaping.