Swim Smooth / Finis Swimmer Pack

Everything you need to develop your swimming.

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Finis Freestyler Paddles
Finis Agility Paddles
Swim Smooth Cap

Not sure what to buy to work on your all round swimming technique? You need our specially assembled Swim Smooth / Finis Swimmer Pack! Combining the very best coaching tools from our swim shop together with a  DVD or Book of your choice, this pack contains everything you need to take major steps forward with your swimming.

The Swimmer Pack includes:

Your choice of a DVD or a copy of the best selling Swim Smooth Book, each packed with information on how to improve your swimming.

  • A Finis Tempo Trainer Pro to work on the rhythm and timing of your stroke and also to pace you through key training sets.
  • A Pair Of Finis Agility Paddles to improve your hand entry and catch technique. See sizing advice here. These versatile paddles are also fantastic for resistance ('strength') work.
  • A Pair Of Finis Freestyler Paddles to develop and maintain you stroke alignment in front of your head. See advice here.
  • A Pair Of Finis Floating Fins to use when practising key development drills. See sizing table below. We will contact you after ordering to finalise your fin size.
  • A Finis Pull Buoy for isolating your upper body and performing sculling / doggy paddle drills.
  • A Finis Mesh Bag to store all your kit inside.
  • A Swim Smooth Cap to make your stroke just that little bit smoother! (see designs here)

Triathlon England Discount

If you are a Triathlon England member, you can receive a £5 discount off this pack! Purchase as normal through our shopping cart, then email through a photo of your membership card to sales@swimsmooth.com and we'll refund you £5 against your payment.

Fin Sizing

Please use the sizing table below to select your fin size. These figures are different from stated on the fins but are Swim Smooth's recommendations for a good fit:

Colour Fin Size US Womens US Mens EUR UK Size
Blue/LimeGreen XXXS Jr 7.5-10 Jr 7.5-10 25-27 Y8-10
Blue/Orange XXS Jr 10-12 Jr 10-12 28-30 Y10-12
Blue/Yellow XS Jr 12-2.5 Jr 12-1.5 31-33 Y12-1.5
Red/Black S 3-5.5 2-4.5 34-36 2-3.5
Red/Blue M 6-7 5-6 37-38 4-5
Red/Grey L 7.5-9 6.5-8 39-40 5.5-7
Black/Red XL 9.5-11 8.5-10 41-43 7.5-9
Black/Navy XXL 11.5-13 10.5-12 44-45 9.5-11
Black/DarkGreen XXXL 13.5-15 12.5-14 46-48 11.5-13