Swim Smooth - The Complete Coaching System For Swimmers And Triathletes

The best selling swimming book in the world.

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If you have enjoyed browsing and using the tips on this website, you will really love Swim Smooth's book: The Complete Coaching System For Swimmers And Triathletes written by Head Coach Paul Newsome and Adam Young.

The book contains Swim Smooth's complete coaching program, including:

  • How to develop every aspect of your freestyle stroke technique and avoid common pitfalls while doing so.
  • Swim Smooth's complete drill set to refer to with detailed descriptions and photos.
  • An up-to-date understanding of what makes an efficient and fast freestyle stroke.
  • How to take a truly individual approach to your swimming, so that you develop a stroke style that works for you.
  • Using Swim Smooth's 'Swim Types' system to understand what is holding you back and improve your individual stroke, including detailed development processes for each Swim Type.
  • Getting into open water for the first time and taking on the challenge of your first open water or triathlon event.
  • Becoming a great open water swimmer, overcoming anxiety and developing those critical open water skills.
  • Developing your specific swimming fitness, a much overlooked and misunderstood subject but something that can make a huge difference to your comfort and level of performance.
  • Combine our unique skeleton structure with detailed sets and training sessions to transfer what you've learnt in the book into practical workouts you can follow in the pool. Using this structure you can create over 5000 unique sessions to follow!
  • Technique development sets specific to your individual stroke style and level of swimming to get you off a performance plateau you may be on.
  • Dry land strength and conditioning methods to improve your swimming
  • Developing your pool skills including tumble (flip) turns, dives and starts. Advice on joining and making the most of a masters swim squad.
  • Detailed advice on preventing and managing swimming injuries.
  • Swim Smooth's structured and easy to read writing style combined with hundreds of photos and diagrams explaining everything very clearly.
  • Published by John Wiley & Sons, one of the largest publishing companies in the world.
Here at Swim Smooth we have produced all our websites, tools and DVDs to develop your swimming but we are especially proud of this new book and the huge potential it has to improve your enjoyment, efficiency and speed of swimming.

Gosh where do I start? From the date of ordering to the day of delivery was really fast. Because I have enjoyed your weekly blogs I didn't expect the wow factor that I get every time I open your book.

As a coach I like the logical angle that you and Paul use to explain the why. I did a program last night using parts of your warm-up build and set sequences and the group of masters I had training loved it. Although one of my swimmers said it was truly oxygen deprivating. Was joking but did stretch him to the max.

I have been showing your book to fellow coaches and swim teachers and they are just as enthralled as I am. I must say that my name is indelibly printed inside the cover, decreasing the chance of misplacing.

Rating:Robyn Norma Schwass, Taupo, New Zealand

I love it thank you, as a triathlete with a good swim, level 1 coaching and background in sprint training, this was the last piece to the jigsaw.

I now have the complete picture. Your easy explanations with pictures is awesome. I have a group of juniors and going to use it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rating:Belinda Vardy, Tweed Heads, Australia

The Swim Smooth book has become my most useful and powerful training tool for improving my swimming. As I am from a running background, I struggled to keep up with the faster athletes in the swim which put me at a massive disadvantage going onto the bike and it took a lot out of me. They say you can't win a race from the swim, but you can sure lose it!

Since buying Swim Smooth's brilliant book I have progressed in literally all aspects of my swimming. I have gained more speed, power, flexibility in my shoulders and more importantly confidence in my swimming, all for the same if not less effort by simply following their taining plans and studying their HUGE knowledge base.

The work is paying off as my race results of PB's, World Championship qualification positions and University BUCS Championship medals show.


Rating:George Robinson, Sheffield, England

All the great concepts developped by Swim Smooth in one complete package. This book is so thorough and yet manages to keep it all very clear with a logical progression and a beautiful layout.

The pictures are very explicit and clearly a huge amount of passionate work has gone into this. Being an intermediate triathlete, having all the open water techniques included is invaluable. I have used all the other Swim Smooth resources previously and find that having it all summed in print makes it so much easier to reference.

It may sound a bit corny but it's Swim Smooth that got me really hooked on swimming and took the boredom out of the laps. I can't imagine a better reference for anybody interested in swimming.

Great Stuff!

Rating:Bruce Keen, Paris, France

This is by far the best swimming book that I have every read. This has immediately become my swimming bible. I plan on building my entire training program around the principles described in this book. I particularly like the three key approach of technique development, swim training and open water skills.

Many other programs focus only on technique development which makes it boring.

My only complaint about the Swim Smooth program (not the book) is there are no Swim Smooth clinics in Houston, Texas. Please fix this!

Keep up the good work!

Rating:Rick Robertson, Houston, United States

Fantastic amount of information packed between the covers! I already have a swim types guide and the Catch Masterclass DVD and even though there is some overlap, it is an excellent resource with a lot of additional information, numerous workout sessions, and new drills.

The book should definitely be on the reading list for the serious swim geek or the relaxed amateur just looking to improve their swimming and get greater enjoyment out of it.

Rating:Andrew Burns, Vancouver Canada

The Swim Smooth Book is the best swimming book there is so far, that I have read, and I can tell you that because I am swimming freestyle with as little as three sessions with far more ease and flow than ever before. I recommend this book for all the serious swimming athletes, and triathletes that want to keep on improving as never before, and take their swimming to the next level, should give it a try.

Rating:Herman Soto, Puebla, Mexico

I love your book, it explains everything clearly without oversimplifying. It explains stroke technique but also how to correct issues in a way that you can actually work on by yourself. I like the workouts you can put together, planning workouts in your training schedule and the specific tri swim tips.

I own several books on swimming but this is by far the most complete and most useful and usable.

Rating:Saskia Holditch, Fonthill, Canada

Well thought out and structured. Provides valuable insight into stroke faults and corrections without getting too technical. The swim types are "spot on" ...even their personalities!

A must have to get to the next level!

Rating:Doug Saar, Ellicott City, USA

I just finished Swim Smooth, The Complete Coaching System for Swimmers and Triathletes, and to use an applicable American phrase, I was "blown out of the water". I already have the Catchmaster Class DVD and the waterproof Ironman distance training program and have used both extensively, so was not sure there could be too much additional information in the book. I was pleasantly surprised to find the book filled with addtional instruction and training. Paul and Adam's relaxed easy to read style make the learning enjoyable and I was really sorry when it ended. I would highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to improve their swimming.

Rating:David Calcagno, Camp Hill, PA, USA

As a trainee masters swimming coach and a competitive pool and open water swimmer, I was looking for some ideas to improve my freestyle. I was so excited when I found this book. It has everything I could possibly need to know and it has also helped me understand how to overcome a shoulder injury!

The book, in conjunction with the on-line information, is priceless. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive and easy to understand resource for any swimmer at any level.

Rating:Rachael Keogh, Brisbane Australia

This fantastic book brings the broad range of valuable insight and guidance from Swim Smooth together into one coherent and easily readable whole. This book is a standalone guide for those wanting to advance their swimming, especially in the open water.

A great reference, swimming development manual and training guide for intermediate and advanced swimmers.

Rating:Greg Oosterbaan, Hamilton, New Zealand

With this book, Paul and Adam set a milestone in swim coaching and improving technique, endurance and speed, particularly for the self-coached swimmer or triathlete. Their passionate approach to swimming is unique and their way of balancing good technique with well-paced endurance sessions is definitely key for improvement.

The technique drill sets are easy to understand and very well explained, and most of all the explanations are actually making sense! The Critical Swim Speed (CSS) approach for measuring the current fitness level in order to design endurance workouts is fabulous.

When I discovered Swim Smooth in 2010, I was blown away by how much information they offered on their website. After getting a copy of one of their Ironman training plans, I managed to finally get under the 1-hour mark for the Ironman swim! If you want to improve your swimming, there is no way around these guys!

I will give 5 stars for this book under one condition: Keep the good work up!

Rating:Stefan Schreiber, Edmonton Canada

The new book, "Swim Smooth," is exactly what I expected from the folks who have become my go-to resource for swimming technique, training and fitness. The book is a complete resource to analyze swimming style, pinpoint what needs to be done to make improvements and offer precise drills to do the job. Illustrations and photos are right on.

No coaching group understands swimming like Swim Smooth.

Rating:Scott Richardson, ITCA certified triathlon coach/IronMan finisher

Your book is the best book on swimming technique that I have seen. It is truly revolutionizing for my swimming. Everything you say and do makes perfect sense and I am very thankful that you made the effort to unlock the secrets of efficient freestyle swimming and share them with the greater public. Inspired by your book, I did two 40 min sessions each day from Mon - Wed focusing on three key drills from the book. I started with 1:38 for 100m on Monday morning (baseline), Monday evening, I brought it down to 1:32, Tuesday morning 1:29, and Wednesday evening 1:26 for 100m. 12s faster is truly amazing.

The three drills I focused on were 6-1-6, swimming with freestyler paddles and the relaxation sinking exercise (where one exhales and sinks down). 6-1-6 helped me to learn body rotation while keeping my head in the same position. From the three this was probably the most effective as it lengthened my stroke significantly and helped put me in a streamlined position. I also realized that my arm entry was a little bit off. My arm was not parallel to the centerline of my body. I realized that this wasted energy, so I focused on a parallel (to centerline) entry.

The freestylers helped me to recognize that my arm would sink naturally as the water would press against my forehand / arm, and this would naturally initiate the catch. Being the classic overglider, I wasted energy keeping my arm up. The sinking exercise helped me to relax and to become more mindful of my breathing during the stroke. I am coming from a running background and got hooked into doing sprint triathlons 10 years ago. It would be amazing to be able to sustain a pace between 1:10 and 1:20 for 100m.

Rating:Ingo Gulde, Germany

The best swim book available. Great reading, full of all the right information to help all swimmers & triathletes improve their technique and swim performance. Covers all aspects to build an efficient freestyle stroke. Excellent graphics that make the clear writing more easily understandable and effective.

Inclusion of the 'Swim Types' is a brilliant idea, helping athletes can identify their own style and use the appropriate drills and corrections. Plenty of ideas to build your own programme, no manner what your current standard.

Brilliant book - thank you Paul & Adam

Rating:Martin Wood, Lincoln, UK www.lincolntri.org.uk

I've been reading the SwimSmooth book for a week or two and as expected, it is the clearest and most useful book on the subject that I've read and I've read – at least tried to read a few, from the extremely scientific to the overly emotive one that I gave up on.

Paul Newsome and Adam Young use their well thought out and simple approach to inform swimmers and coaches on the basis of the front crawl stroke, working through the body position, introducing the Swim Smooth philosophy and guiding you through the choice of training equipment before moving on to Stroke Technique and Stroke Rate.

The Swim Types system is introduced later on and if you're new to this concept it may feel like a leap of faith, particularly if you're a coach trained in the ASA way. I'd already had a lot of experience with Swim Smooth prior to the publication of the book, having used their website and been lucky enough to attend their 3 day Coaching course at Loughborough this year, so the Swim Types System was already familiar to me however, it's worth saying that even if you don't buy in to the Swim Types system immediately, there is so much to absorb from the book in general that you can come back to this concept at any point if and when you want to – and you will want to!

There is a very useful section on Video techniques and equipment, which follows Swim Smooth's mantra of giving away knowledge for free. (Yes, I know you've paid for the book but it's only £14.99 in the UK and the knowledge contained therein is something that most coaching set-ups would rightly charge a lot for on courses).

If you're a coach, the book is an investment you should make. The sections on Swim Fitness Training, Conditioning and Open Water Adaptations are, in common with the rest of the book, incredibly simple to follow yet very in depth. I have ploughed through the Doc Councilman book which although rather old, gave me a detailed understanding of the training processes used by top athletes. Since then, I haven't found any writings on the subject that come close until now!

The difference is that Paul and Adam put things in a very un-scientific way that is easy to understand. These guys have thought of everything - even the things they haven't yet thought of! Putting all this knowledge in one place in a digestible format is quite an achievement especially considering that it's the brainchild of two people - Paul Newsome and Adam Young who both know how to 'keep it simple' and remember, 'Simple ain't easy!

Rating:Rod Hart, UK

THANK YOU!! The book is gr8. Sooo good to have everything from the blog between two covers. Its all there, even a dummy can get it. The appendix is very useful & the workouts r a wonderful variety. I learnt to swim freestyle 2 years ago on the Swim Smooth blog & I think the book was a fantastic idea, my immediate reaction was "finally they've made a book!!"

Thank you so much & for being the best coaching support online ever. Its a long way to Egypt where I live & come from but u've definitely made the distance.

Rating:Dolly Degwy, Cairo, Egypt

I am so pleased I ordered this book. It has made a huge difference to my swimming. I have gone from being a triathlete that has to swim to bieng a triathlete that loves the swim sessions. Thank you.

I have recommend both this book and you web site to all my friends!

Rating:Emma Marshall-Telfer, Lincoln, UK

Excellent! As a newbie to swimming front crawl the classic Arnie techniques hit a number of nerves with me... That is why it's a great book - because I can relate to the flaws in my swim stroke and you have identified key root causes for those flaws and how to improve with appropriate training drills that are easy to understand.

I've looked at TI previously - but it was far too complicated. My aim is to move from Arnie to Swinger and this book will guide me there. I told my brother (Overglider - see I'm taking it all in!!!) about the book and he's up to page 50 already. Brilliant - thank you to both of you for making this very difficult discipline in Triathlon much easier to understand and for providing top level structured guidance.

Rating:Steve Parkinson, Beverley, England

I am a 57 year old bicycle fitter in Cincinnati and I work with a lot of newer triathletes. One of my clients recommended "Swim Smooth" to me in the course of a fitting. I ordered your book, as I recently returned to triathlon after 12 years and of course, was looking for every advantage!

The Swim Smooth philosophy resonated with me, as it embraces the idea that their is no one "ideal" swimmer type. It provides an easy way to identify you own swimmer type and then offers drills and training strategies specific to your type. This is my philosophy as a bike fitter- we enter our sports with different physical histories, goals, talents, injuries etc. and we will best reach our potential if we tailor our fit and training to our specific needs.

My personal experience with tri swimming is that I have spent way too much time trying to minimize my stroke count and my times weren't improving.

After reading Swim Smooth, I increased my turnover and dropped 2 minutes from my next two sprint tri swim splits and I'm swimming my fastest times ever. I feel much more natural in the open water and sighting much better. I also feel smooth and more efficient (almost lazy) and able to start off the bike leg much fresher - in fact, at age 57, I had the fastest overall female bike split in my last race, something that never happened when I raced in my 30's and 40's.

Thanks, Paul, Adam and Mr. Smooth! I will recommend your program to all of my clients!

Rating:Kathleen Krumme, Cincinnati, USA www.oakleycycles.com

I received this book shortly after it was released, i tend to read it little and often....but have not got to the end yet! This is because this book is just full of information, training tips, drills and even appropriate swim equipment recommendations (which I've ordered) that to have finished it would have ment that i was rushing it and not working with it.

That said, I have decided to work through the book this way, but it is structured so that a person may pick out certain pieces of information to correct an area of their stroke, but in reading this book one area highlights areas of another and gives useful tips to enhance other areas in which you may not have even realised (hope that makes sense).

Anyway I'm really enjoying this book and cant wait to go to a swim smooth training class so i can be evaluated on my new improved stroke!

Rating:Mrs Jane Partington, Wiltshire, England

Finally all the swim info in one place. I finally "get it" about the middle finger straight ahead, entry, catch, getting the hip out of the way, and watching my speed increase. This positive feedback creates that wonderful loop where motivation increases, leading to better workouts, better fitness, increased speed, and fun!

Add to this the little things - like using a plastic bag to put a wetsuit on - I did this for the first time last Sunday, and got a better fit than I ever had. I had been using a sleeveless suit for several years, but reading and realizing how much I was giving up in buoyancy, I tried again the full suit again.

Using what I had learned from the book over the past 3 weeks, I did a 1800m 50m pool swim with wet suit with a 1:38/100m split, even throughout. For 55-59 AG dude, I am quite pleased.

Thanks! This is the new swim bible.

Rating:Ken Williams, London, Canada

Just what I needed. I am an adult onset swimmer who initally was the "Arnie" type and then morphed into the "overglider" type as I improved my body position more horizontally, learned to relax more while in the water with a slower but longer stroke. My arm length is around 1.5 inches longer than my height of 73 inches. My freestyle swim "speed" maxed out around 1 min 50 sec per 100 yards for the past several years.

With only 10 days or so of looking at your new book, peforming the basic catch drills (doggy paddle-sculling-waterpolo) and speeded up my stroke rate. USE of the NEW Finis hand paddles that do not have straps have provided immediate feedback that my overgliding stroke was also producing a dropped elbow and palm facing forward hand.

What a relief to find out what problems my stroke had and quickly realize improvement. I got more work and practice to do and for the first time I believe my swimming can improve to middle of the pack results (not way off the back) for this mid 50's weekend warrior.

Rating:William Kircher, Butler, PA, USA

This a terrific book. It is well grounded in the work of expert coaches, but rather than reading like a sports science journal, it is welcoming and supportive. There is heaps of guidance for swimmers of all types and all levels.

In addition to "Mr Smooth" and other Swim Smooth materials, the book has enabled me, as a runner and cyclist but not great swimmer, to make huge progress. The increased efficiency has made me faster for less output and best of all, I feel like I know what I am doing and what I can do to correct things that are not right.

I have actually kept the book in my car in the last couple of weeks, so that I can remind myself of key things when I arrive at the pool car park! The one revision for me would be some more training sessions and schedules, with the less experienced swimmer in mind, as some of these just beyond me at this stage and assistance in working up to them would help.

Other than that, I would suggest that if you only ever buy one book about swimming, it should be this one.

Rating:John Tibke, Lancaster, England

First of all I've enjoyed the Catch Masterclass DVD so the Learn to Swim Freestyle those were also an awesome aid for my swimming. I've started swimming in February 2011 and did not have any coach since the initial sessions, only your site which was my homepage on my smartphone, so it was easy to follow the changes and advises.

Last year I finished last on swim leg of our local triathlon, this year 92nd of 179. I'm strictly following your advises and the book is now my "bible". I've tried other media from different online coaches but none of them caught me as much as your material. I can't just praise the book, because the book is the result of many years of work and experience of you, I can praise your work. GOOD job!

Rating:Zsolt Sajga, Targu Mures, Romania

The Swim Smooth book is an excellent reference for swimmers of any level. As someone who has just returned to swimming after many years away, it is proving invaluable in helping me with my technique. Especially when coupled with the Swim Smooth DVD set.

Rating:Paul Lewis, Norwich, England

This book is titled as a complete coaching system... whereas it is much more... it is a complete system for all swimmers who desire to understand a sport based on existing in an alien element, water. The illustrations serve the purpose towards enhancing verbal descriptions and they are simple but not simple minded... the abbreviations are finally explained in full. I would like to recommend that one should use a certified trainer in the Dryland section and the use of a GYMSTICK from Finland to assist in becoming stronger for the events one swims in.

This is a book that I can refer to over and over and it is a pleasure to read and put it in practise as it is not complex to understand.. .as a swimmer with old fashioned habits from childhood racing.. I have learned a lot from the authors and am grateful in my development towards being a better swimmer which leads to more enjoyment in the water for the rest of my life.

Rating:Susan Huber, Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada

I'm always looking for more clear and concise ways of teaching people to swim, especially beginners. Swim Smooth's website has always been a go to place for me to find information and guidance on form, training and any other swim related questions that I may have.

A few months ago I was thinking how great it would be if Swim Smooth came out with a book, then I heard an interview with Paul Newsome and he mentioned that a book was on the way, I got very excited. Since I received the new book in the mail I have read most of it and perused it many times for specific information, every time finding the answer I was looking for.

The pictures are fantastic, and the information is spot on and easy to understand. I would recommend this book to any beginner that is looking to get started and even the experienced swimmer that is looking to break out of their plateau.

Rating:Patrick Stoddard, Lewsville, United States trishop.com/coach-patrick-stoddard

The Swim Smooth book describes a fast AND efficient freestyle technique (with lots of pictures), and more importantly, it provides a process for improving your swimming (whatever your current style). The enthusiam of the authors comes through in the book, and gets you excited about new opportunities for improvement. Very good value.

Rating:Peter Stewart, UK

Finding the book a great inspiration, it confirms (and more) what our coaches at Stafford Triathlon drill into us. Over time and practice I'm confident I will become a better versatile swimmer. Even in this short time since I bought the book I look forward to my swim sessions, constrating on tweaking my stroke technique and thinking about improving, rather than just swimming up and down lanes finding it boring at times.

The book has revitalised my swimming, thanks for the book Adam Young and Paul Newsome.

Rating:Michael Spinetto, Stafford, United Kingdom www.staffordtri.com

Great Book. Very applicable to triathletes and those who have not swam extensively at a young age. Well laid out and the pictures are a great aid. Just wish that I had read this book when I got into swimming.

Highly Recommend!

Rating:Alex Grigg, Nelson New Zealand

It's a great book, easy to follow, loads of diagrams, with some super tips that seem to have been written just for me. I also like the drills section and the suggested session plans.

I've already noticed a difference after a couple of weeks in one or two areas just by following your advice.

Rating:Alan Brighton, Tilbrook, UK