Swim Smooth Catch Masterclass DVD

An instant classic when released in 2010.

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Developing a good catch technique and feel for the water is extremely elusive for most swimmers but is the key to improving your speed and efficiency in the water. In this detailed coaching program we show you exactly how elite swimmers develop efficient and powerful propulsion, and how to make these changes in your stroke too.

Catch Masterclass is available on legacy DVD from this page. The full program is also available within our Swim Smooth Guru Virtual Coach (PRO subscription required).

Two years in the making, Swim Smooth's Catch Masterclass features never before seen footage of amazing clarity taken with our new Hollywood inspired hi-def filming rig in Perth, Australia. Take a fascinating look at the strokes of 7 time World Champion Shelley Taylor-Smith, Olympian Jono Van Hazel and elite open water swimmer Melissa Benson as we unlock and share their propulsion secrets.

Swim Smooth's Head Coach Paul Newsome takes you through all the easy to follow steps, drills and techniques in the clear, insightful style that Swim Smooth is famous for.

Broken down into 3 stages, suitable for anyone who can swim freestyle to follow, this program shows you where you're going wrong at the moment and exactly why a good catch has been so elusive to you up until now. The Catch Masterclass is designed to complement our DVD Boxset - taking things to the next level of detail, clarity and insight.

Included Development Sessions For The Pool

With the Catch Masterclass we've included six Development Sessions for you to take to the pool and follow to work on your catch and feel for the water. These are in the form of PDF documents which you can print from your computer to take poolside.

Each easy to follow session focuses you on a particular area of your catch development - reminding you of the points and drills from the main DVD.

Swim Smooth Catch Masterclass And Our DVD Boxset

The Swim Smooth Catch Masterclass overlaps slightly with our DVD Boxset in the area of catch development but offers a never seen before level of clarity, insight and detail over any other DVD on the market. The DVD Boxset was released in 2004 and is still our best selling product - since 2004 we've fine tuned and developed our methods and explanations with new drills and hi-def footage of elite swimmers. In the Catch Masterclass we have more time to focus in and explore all the subtleties, misconceptions and pitfalls which are holding back your catch development.

The result is a DVD which stands alone as a stroke development program but complements the DVD Boxset perfectly: If you like the DVD Boxset, you'll absolutely love the Catch Masterclass!

Warning: DVD may contain images of extremely bright swimsuits.

Our Elite Swimmers

During The Catch Masterclass production we filmed and analysed the strokes of three world class swimmers:

Seven Time World Marathon Swimming Champion Shelley Taylor Smith, an incredibly fast and efficient distance swimmer with amazing catch mechanics. Her underwater stroke mechanics are near perfect and are something to behold.

Quick fact: During her career Shelley used to regularly beat the whole mens field and was ranked world number one for women and men in marathon swimming!

Shelley has retired from competitive swimming and is now a very successful motivational speaker and coach, find out more (and be inspired!) here: www.championmindset.com.au

Jono Van Hazel, Athens Olympian. With a personal best of 49.1 sec for 100m freestyle, Jono was known to have an exceptionally smooth, symmetrical and efficient freestyle stroke, even amongst the elite swimming ranks. Find out how he develops such a long smooth stroke and still maintains great rhythm and timing.

Quick fact: Jono is our poster-boy for the 'Smooth' swim type on our Swim Types microsite: www.swimtypes.com/smooth.html

Australian Elite Swimmer Melissa Benson, a devastatingly fast open water swimmer who perfectly epitomises the refined Swinger style of swimming. Although a pure swimmer, Mel shows us the style of stroke used by the vast majority of elite triathletes. Even with a very high stroke rate she still maintains a fantastic catch technique - in fact a great catch is the secret of the exceptional rhythm in her stroke.

Quick fact: Faster than any elite female triathlete, Mel's PB for 5km is under 60 minutes, equivalent to a 3.8km Ironman swim split of sub-45 minutes (without a wetsuit).

Our Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love the Catch Masterclass we guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the Masterclass in any way, return it to us and we'll give you a full no-quibble refund. Simple as that.

Watch It In The Guru

This is a legacy DVD. The entire Catch Masterclass Program is now available to you on the Swim Smooth Guru (along with much much more)!

Delivering our very best coaching video and training plans straight to your computer, tablet or smart-phone: The new Swim Smooth Guru is available now!


The Catch Masterclass DVD is a superb rendering of how to find and develop the sometimes elusive key element of freestyle swimming, the catch. It is focused on one main (and vital) element of good swimming technique, with plenty of detail, but simplified so swimmers can work on developing a better swimming catch step by step and not get lost in those details.

This DVD is another winner from the Swim Smooth coaches. Five Stars!


“Your Catch Masterclass DVD is the best and most informative swim DVD on the market. It fills the gap left by so many coaches and clinics I've attended – not as yet Swim Smooth. The drills and explanations are really well arranged and to the point. I love everything that it contains. It's really making an improvement to my crawl technique, which I thought had reached a plateau.

Kamar Humphries

“Really is one of the best, if not the best swimming DVD I've ever seen. Well worth the 2 year wait ..the video footage is stunning and it's all backed up by superb content. To all swimmers and coaches out there you would be crazy not to buy this. It will unravel all the mysteries of how to swim more efficiently and provide you with all the tools necessary to do so."

Julian Nagi, L3 BTF Coach

“Superb resource, great combination of effective examples and rationale for triathlon specific/ open water stroke modifications. Absolutely love the evidence based swim coaching!
This DVD is without doubt the best of it's 'class' guys. Will thoroughly enjoy dipping into it regularly."

Fiona Ford, Triathlon Europe

“I watched it start to finish. It's very good stuff, we're going to start implementing many of the principles at the Academy. SwimSmooth did a smash-bang job on this one, and no, they're not paying me to say that. I'd highly recommend, it's already made me a better swimmer."

Ben Greenfield www.bengreenfieldfitness.com www.rockstartriathlete.com

“I am sure we have all seen some really useful underwater video footage over the years and YouTube clips of the swimming greats in action. But believe me these video sequences are incredible to watch time and time again."

Steve Casson, L3 BTF Coach

Read Steve's full review here.

“Bloody marvellous is all I can say. Investment in your new camera equipment stands out immediately, clarity on my 12year old box of a TV was outstanding. Content was clear and more involved than I expected. Every component part of the stroke that sets up the foundation of a good catch set-up was well explained and particularly loved the comparisons from elite athletes to everyday age groupers.

Real time 1-2-1 of an age group athlete for coaches to watch your delivery was a nice touch. All in all I can't praise it enough."

Jon Riddell

“Received Catch Masterclass last week and we are eating it up. The shots are beautiful, make us want to get in the pool as soon as we can. One of the best aspects of the instruction is showing examples of three rather different swimmers. Because they are all highly successful the important lesson of tailoring a style to an individual is obvious. Double thumbs up!"

Tom Whisenand