Swim Smooth Learn To Swim Program DVD

Our DVD based program for novice swimmers wanting to learn the freestyle stroke from scratch.

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Swim Smooth's Learn to Swim Freestyle Program is an inspirational method of learning the freestyle stroke. With our help you can overcome the challenges and enjoy swimming smooth relaxed freestyle!

The Program is DVD based and built around a simple to follow 10 Step process. The 10 steps start by getting you used to the water and show you how to become comfortable and relaxed with your face in the water. Fundamental to the program is learning to breathe comfortably which can be disconcerting with the face-down nature of freestyle. We'll teach you how to do it easily.

Learn To Swim Freestyle Trailer:

After becoming comfortable in the water and learning breathing technique, we continue to build things up and teach you the actions of the stroke. We will guide you through common problems and tell you what to focus on in your technique at every stage. Soon you'll be doing your first easy lengths, cruising up and down the pool.

How do we do all this? We use a light sprinkling of Swim Smooth magic!

Hurdles and Challenges

There are several hurdles which every swimmer must overcome to learn freestyle:

  • Overcoming the anxiety of having your face in the water
  • How to co-ordinate the movements of the stroke technique
  • How to breathe when you are swimming face down

The 10 Steps have been carefully designed to help you overcome each of these hurdles. There are several special methods to help you unlearn the fear of swimming with your face underwater. These are very effective, especially for swimmers who thought they would never be able to swim freestyle. In fact we've tried these methods when coaching strong competition swimmers and improved their level of relaxation greatly too - everyone starts out with some level of anxiety in the water, it's entirely normal.

Instead of that, imagine being totally relaxed, fluid and effortless in the water - it's a wonderful feeling.

If you only swim breast stroke at the moment, freestyle is going to feel great. It's like moving from walking to running - more rhythmical, more flowing, more powerful!

Swim Smooth

A DVD Based Program

The program contains a full feature DVD in which Swim Smooth head coach Paul Newsome demonstrates the 10 Steps and teaches two total novice swimmers using the process. Watch them learning and practising. See their initial anxiety and witness their progress and what works for them. It's very revealing and inspirational too.

Once you have understood the process and our novice swimmers have inspired you, take the included session booklet to the pool. It's totally waterproof and is designed to take onto the poolside for you to follow step by step. Within the booklet are reminders of what to do at every step and lots of pictures for visual cues.

We Keeps Things Simple And Straightforward

The 10 step process is easy to understand and follow and it's fun too. We've developed and fine tuned the steps from teaching thousands of swimmers all around the world on our famous Swim Smooth courses and clinics. The process is totally unique, you won't find it anywhere else or at any swimming lessons at your pool.

Overview: SS Learn To Swim Freestyle Program

Description: A powerful but easy to follow method for learning to swim freestyle, structured into 10 steps. Gradually overcome fear of the water and become relaxed breathing. Then build up the stroke step by step.


For: Absolutely any adult of any age or ability who wants to learn freestyle.

Not For: Anyone who can swim the stroke for several laps at a time - you need the Swim Smooth Guru instead.

Our Comment: Some of our very best coaching methods are for beginner swimmers and we've packed them all in here. Truly inspirational.

Follow Sheila's inspiration journey to become a freestyle swimmer

As with all Swim Smooth's products, the Learn To Swim Freestyle Program is much more than an instructional DVD. Included are:

  • A waterproof session card booklet to take to the pool and refer to.
  • A listen-along visualisation exercise to start un-programming anxiety.
  • Exercises to help you develop a feel for the water.
  • Land based exercises to develop the stroke technique and good swimming posture.
  • Simple drills to build up the stroke step-by-step.
  • Drill and swim demonstrations by expert swimmers to refer to.
  • Classic pitfalls and problems, and how to overcome them.
  • Clothing, equipment and how to use it.
  • Detailed advice for a ‘buddy' you may have helping you at the pool.

Everything you need in one great package!

Note: Fins (flippers) are recommended for use with the program. Buying advice is contained within.

Take the waterproof booklet poolside to remind yourself what to focus on.



Imagine being totally relaxed, fluid and at one with the water - it's a wonderful feeling.

Swim Smooth
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