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Swim Smooth - The Complete Coaching System For Swimmers And Triathletes

The best selling swimming book in the world.

£17.99 GBP

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Swim to the beep and take control of your swimming.

£36.00 GBP

Finis ISO Paddles

Resistance paddles with a natural hand position.

£19.00 GBP

Finis Freestyler Paddles

The perfect tool to work on your hand entry and extension.

£14.00 GBP

Finis Freestyler Paddles (Junior Version)

Same great paddles... just a little smaller.

£12.00 GBP

Finis Agility Paddles

Resistance paddles with a natural hand position.

£19.00 GBP

Finis Floating Fins

Our recommended fin for providing propulsion during drill work

£20.00 GBP

Finis Pull Buoy (Adult)

A versatile mid-sized pull-buoy, perfect for drills.

£11.49 GBP

Finis Junior Pull Buoy

The perfect pull-buoy for kids and floaty adults.

£9.00 GBP

Finis Axis Pull Buoy

A unique pull buoy which also works on your core strength and stability.

£18.00 GBP

Marlin Swim Meter (Pool & Open Water GPS Version)

Measure, Analyse & Improve Your Swimming!

£150.00 GBP

Marlin-P Swim Meter (Pool Only)

Measure, Analyse & Improve Your Swimming!

£120.00 GBP

Swim Smooth Catch Masterclass DVD

An instant classic when released in 2010.

£30.00 GBP

Swim Smooth DVD Boxset

Still the best all-round stroke correction DVD on the market.

£39.00 GBP

Swim Smooth Learn To Swim Program DVD

Our DVD based program for novice swimmers wanting to learn the freestyle stroke from scratch.

£30.00 GBP

Finis 3X-100M Stopwatch

The ultimate stroke rate stop-watch for coaches

£39.00 GBP

Finis Pulling Ankle Strap / Band

Work on the rhythm and timing of your stroke.

£6.00 GBP