Swim Smooth Silicon Swim Cap

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The amazing new reversible cap
- what's your mood?

Look your best in the water by sporting a silicone Swim Smooth swim cap. These caps have been engineered to be more flexible and softer than a traditional silcone cap, which makes them much more comfortable on the head. They're also slightly larger than a normal cap, so if you struggle with caps riding up and slipping off, you'll love this design.

We've specially developed these caps to be a little more flexible than most silicone caps - meaning it won't squeeze your head or give you a headache in use. Many men find swim caps too tight - try this cap, we're sure you'll notice the difference.

Boys, you may not be accustomed to wearing a cap but we encourage you to give it a try. Did you know, it's faster swimming with a cap than without - and it will hold your Tempo Trainer Pro firmly in place!

Our caps are supplied in a choice of four designs - the classic Swim Smooth Swoosh in pink and green. A funky new bubbles design in blue, and the Swim Smooth Guru cap in white.

If you train in open water we strongly recommend you wear a bright swimming cap (ideally pink or bright green!). It makes you much more visible to other water users and safety craft. We never swim outdoors without one!

Orange / Blue Reversible Cap Design
Inspired By The SS Squads In Perth!

June 2019: We've just added a very unique swim cap to the range - the reversible Orange / Blue design:

Feeling good and ready to lead your lane? Wear the blue side out to: "Get your Game Face On!"


A little fatigued or saving yourself for another session? Wear the orange side out, after all: "A Race Day Every Day Is Not!"

Worn by our squad swimmers in Perth to let Head Coach Paul Newsome know how they're feeling and now available to you wherever you are in the world!